Apply Online

Question: Who can Apply?
Answer: Anyone, from any Country who has lived or lives in Nigeria for more than 30days.

Follow this process to APPLY

Step 1:
Click here to "Download Form": When completing the form (this form can be used by both MALE & FEMALE)

Female applicants: Please add "FE" to MALE on the top of Page 2)

Step 2:
Complete the Page 1 and top of page 2 ONLY using BLUE or BLACK pen (use your current address, not your Nigeria address [except you are applying from Nigeria]), the following are the field to complete;

Name:   (example - Jonathan Obasanjo) - Remember to write your name on page 2 too.
Address:   (example - 234E University, Magnolia, Arkansas, USA) {Your current address}
Tribe:   (example - Black African)
Place of Birth:   (example - Lagos, Nigeria)
Year of Birth:   (example - 1900)
Attach Passport photo:   (Your passport photo)
Sign:   (Your Signature)

side [page 2]
: Using any ink colour of your choice, print your fingers in box required so that it appear like sugar-cane, even if it exceed the box required; it's okay.

Click here to view SAMPLE of FORM HERE

Watch full VIDEO of how to complete the form here

Step 3:

Scan a copy of the completed form to us; using [email protected] (with the data page of your passport, not the visa page).

The process does not have to be completed in the presence of any police officer, however, taking your impression/fingerprint in the presence of an officer will not adversely affect your application.

Please scan document in
PDF format only, JPEG format are not always acceptable.

Step 4:
Payment  Information -  Click HERE

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