Nigeria Police Clearance is a tested and trusted Nigeria police clearance certificate processing website which even though not a governmental organization, delivers outstanding Nigeria police clearance certificate processing service to people all over the World.

We are set to advance super service to Nigeria residences within and outside the nation (regardless of your nationality) THIS IS OUR OLD WEBSITE, CLICK BELOW TO ENTER OUR NEW SITE

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“ This website is NOT owned or operated by the Nigerian Government. It is an NGO ”.

  • Acceptance:

    Our Service is accepted by the following Organizations:

    Canada Immigration Services (Worldwide)

    Employers (Worldwide)

    Security Industry Authority (U.K)

    Care Homes and Services(U.K)

    Foreign Embassies for Visa Processing (Worldwide)

  • How does it work?

    1. Once we receive your Complete Application (Click HERE for sample)

    2. We'll print it out from our office in Lagos

    3. Get it processed in Lagos and return it to our office in UK

    4. We send (Recorded Post) it back to you.

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  • Cost of our Service:

    We charge close to nothing, considering the services we provide. check here


    We offer a service as quick as 7days. read our testimonies, we are brilliant at what we do

    Avoid Fraud:

    You have the option to pay us by Paypal, Stay Safe!!!

    Refund Policy:

    ONLY if we fail to deliver. Simply request your refund by email to: [email protected]